Rollin rollin rollin…

Well, I’ve reduced the size of my batches, so the onion rolls are going much more smoothly now and it seemed safer to put these pictures up. These rolls are a standard at my Aunt Vicki’s house, and they really make the life of a sandwich just that much better. We’re having a bar-b-que to celebrate Drew’s graduation at the end of the month and I thought that the pork would be even better on Onion Rolls, so I’m about half way through making all of them. I hope to finish on Sunday and then they’ll stay in the freezer until the time comes. It’s been a nice thing to look forward to, I have always enjoyed the process of baking as much as the eating (well–almost!) and it’s been very relaxing to come home, click on the radio and start measuring out the flour, especially knowing that there’s a party at the end of the bread crumbs.



Pardon the pumpkin-y glow, it was about 9:00 when these came out of the oven and the camera wasn’t loving the kitchen light.



One thought on “Rollin rollin rollin…

  1. They look delicious Amelia! I need to get some of your baking skills to rub off on me.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the “monster” story, it was hilarious to me too.

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