The most common question that I get about this blog is wondering what on earth the title means, so here it is: about the time I was thinking about starting a blog I also got it my head that Drew and I would have a Back to the Future party on the date that Marty McFly travels to in the second movie (along with the rest of the 80s-born world) and somehow out of that I turned the ubiquitous and completely fabricated Flux Capacitor into a verb. I guess you could say that Michael J. Fox made me do it, but in a round about way, it does make sense in my mind–I’m blogging as a way of moving through time, archiving our past so that we can go back if we need to, but also so that we know what we’re doing when we start looking to the future. See, and you thought I was just making stuff up.

I am bound to my nostalgia, verbosity and curiosity, and to the mountains that have have been the backdrop for this life of mine all these years. I am prone to repeating myself, getting a little too enthusiastic, procrastination, and relaxing when I should be getting a move on. I like pretty things and old things and underdog things and I especially like emotive things and unexpected things. I’m married to my college sweetheart and proud to have one darling little red-headed boy call me Mama every day, with another boy on the way. I believe in fostering community and turning to your village, and I most certainly believe that if one is good, two is generally better.

SUPER awkward family photo, Drew and I are not this kind of picture people, we should’ve known better. But of course, I kind of love it for all of those reasons.

Our very own Yeti, Louie. We really do love him and squeeze him and call him George.

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  1. I found you via your post on GGC & I’m so very glad I did ! You write so beautifully! I think I’m going to love it around here 🙂

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