The Rising Tide Project

The Rising Tide Project is a one year project dedicated to exploring 12 unique topics. I’m inviting other thinkers and doers that I admire to contribute monthly, and would love to have you join in too if there’s a particular topic that you would like to contribute to.

This project was born from my desire to do something constructive with the ol blog this year, and also because I want to create a (n admittedly small) wave of discussion that promotes being thoughtful with each other. The gist is that I like the idea that being positive begets being positive. That a rising tide lifts all boats.

Work with me, here.

The topics for the year are as follows. Click the linked months below to read that month’s entries:

January: Pace

February: Love/Un-Love (sorry, this one’s just too easy and loving and unloving are such delicious topics to explore)

March: Truth telling (and un-truth telling)


May: Nurturing


July: Entertaining

August: Aging


October: Gratitude

November: Community


7 thoughts on “The Rising Tide Project

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