gracie’s got a brand new collar

It’s hard to know if the joke’s on me or on Grace–I’m the one that bought her an orange polkadot collar, but Grace is the one unknowingly sporting it around.  Generally we go for the canvas collar, but I came across this one and thought that we would dress her up a little.  Grace has always been adorably possessive of her collars, as soon as we take it off, she jumps up and tries to hook it with her chin, and if we leave it off of her she will deposit it with her other belongings in her toy basket in the corner by her bed.  She has never chewed one up, and has one of her old ones in her basket that she will occasionally pull out and flip around with the same delight normally reserved for her stuffed lobster.  The lobster was a gift from Mom, and Grace has never pulled one bit of cotton out of it and is in fact very possessive of it around other dogs to make sure that they don’t hurt it either.  Every other toy that has come into the house generally gets gutted immediately, and I used to be pretty good about re-stuffing them and sewing them up until we figured out that she enjoys playing with the limp rag bodies just as much and so now she has what amounts to a basket full of Peter Pan’s shadow and one very plump bright red lobster.  We think of Grace as being a relatively serious dog, but with her silly orange collar and her collection of deflated toys, she is perhaps a little more comical than we’ve given her credit for.




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