And my current favorite:

I’m feeling a little cabin fever despite the fact that we’ve been outside more this winter than any winter in recent history. I actually think it’s because of that–I’m so acutely aware of how cold it is all the time because we’re in it. Maybe there’s a little hint of delicious in that, but mostly it just makes me think about how badly I can’t wait to walk out the door barefoot and bare shouldered and relaxed. My zen exercise of the winter is trying not tense up when I open the door. Folks, I’m failing.

But these pictures remind me what treasures come from being cooped up and I think daily about how thankful I am for all the warmth that’s in our lives–I’m not kidding about that one. A down coat, a hot bath, thick walls, 15 kinds of tea, bourbon neat, friends to crowd in, anything at all bubbling on the stove, the fuzziest dog around to sit on my feet…who am I to complain about winter?

Please, please remind me of this. As the great state of Wisconsin so proudly declares: cold nose, warm heart.

2 thoughts on “Scenes

  1. I love it! Asher is getting so big, and your new puppy is adorable! When I visited Alaska (in the summer), I assumed that everyone would say that they dreaded the winter. Instead, they said – “oh no, that is when we do our visiting.” I like that idea – using the cold and dark as an excuse to stay indoors and spend long periods of time with your family/friends. It kind of changed my perspective on the whole thing…

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