And my current favorite:

I’m feeling a little cabin fever despite the fact that we’ve been outside more this winter than any winter in recent history. I actually think it’s because of that–I’m so acutely aware of how cold it is all the time because we’re in it. Maybe there’s a little hint of delicious in that, but mostly it just makes me think about how badly I can’t wait to walk out the door barefoot and bare shouldered and relaxed. My zen exercise of the winter is trying not tense up when I open the door. Folks, I’m failing.

But these pictures remind me what treasures come from being cooped up and I think daily about how thankful I am for all the warmth that’s in our lives–I’m not kidding about that one. A down coat, a hot bath, thick walls, 15 kinds of tea, bourbon neat, friends to crowd in, anything at all bubbling on the stove, the fuzziest dog around to sit on my feet…who am I to complain about winter?

Please, please remind me of this. As the great state of Wisconsin so proudly declares: cold nose, warm heart.

still celebrating

This is my Father’s Day post and it’s a wee late, but the truth is, every day is Father’s Day around here, so I’m counting this as being right on time.

Drew and I started dating at the end of my Freshman year of college, and while we were both much more likely to be thinking about what to wear to the next costume party than our one day distant family, I think it’s fair to say that part of our story is that we both knew.  I somewhat famously told my friends that if “that Drew Walton and I just had one conversation, I know that we would be together”, and as it turns out, I was more or less right.  What started out as a conversation around a fire pit (quick aside, WWC should take a poll about how many conversations at the pond have ended in marriage) has evolved over the last 10 years into our story and most notably into the creation of one shining little life.

Drew is an excellent father.  For those of you reading this that know him, I’m sure that your mind is flashing with little snippets of his quick laugh, his calming presence, his ridiculously charming childish sense of humor, his big grin, his quick hug and the way that he makes everyone feel as if they’ve just been brought into the fold.  For those of you that don’t know him, I think that his light glows through the pictures, and the take-home point is that everyone that meets him walks away thinking, what a great guy.

Meeting Drew and getting to be his partner in crime is pretty much the biggest jackpot of my entire life.  I knew that early on…but getting to see him transform so effortlessly into the roll of father was and is nothing short of awesome.  He not only loves Asher with every fiber of his being, but he’s also been 100% committed to being all in in the partnership of parenting.  He’s never one to pass the buck on a stinky diaper (although the stinky diaper running dialogue that he has is hilarious) he can do bed time, wake up time, bath time, play time…any time, he can step in and do it, and he does.  Asher moves between two parents with confidence because there’s not one parent doing everything and that is not only incredible for Asher, but it’s also incredibly generous towards me.  He constantly reminds me to express gratitude not just through his words, but also through his generosity of spirit, and there’s not a single day that goes by that I don’t think that I must be the luckiest woman alive.

So without further ado, I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures from the last 21-ish months of Drew and Asher, with a few pictures of us tossed in for good measure.  Thank you, Drew for being so rad, you’re the most (to say the least).  Love you.

Have I run out of words?

Because I sure have been quiet lately.  Well, here’s the thing: I have all these little things to post, but then I feel like I can’t post about those tinies until I post about the biggies (Asher’s birthday, Drew’s birthday, here-comes-Fall etc).  Well.  Hmm.  So I’m going to ease back in with a post of pictures, and then maybe I’ll be able to get back to the words.  I’m here, I miss you guys, and I have a feeling that this cooling weather and golden toned Autumn turn is going to find me clicking away.

Outtakes from Asher’s birthday shoot:

Checking out the world…

Brightening our world, one wicked grin at a time…


“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.  She never existed before.  The woman existed, but the mother, never.  A mother is something absolutely new.”  ~Rajneesh

A thank you to all of the mothers in my life, especially the one that brought me into the world and has loved me through thick and thin all of these years.  Another special thank you to Drew, husband extraodinaire, for always making me feel like a queen, and for going the extra mile on my first mother’s day.  And above all, a thank you to the young sir, my amazing bright little beautiful son, for making me a mama.  To all of you mothers out there, thank you to you too.  It’s not a big deal, but we’re kind of rockstars.  I mean, if you think about it, we really are: hair sticking out all over the place, up all hours of the night, we have a stage name, and I haven’t stayed in a hotel with a toddler yet, but 10 to 1 says that he’ll be able to trash a hotel room in under 10 minutes.  Total Rockstars.

Here a couple of pictures from Sunday…

We started the day with a walk (found a beautiful bird's nest!)

me and my mama!

A luna moth joined us for dinner

Our little guy

Drew and I finish the day giving some thought to how parenthood makes us feel.


The baby is napping, Drew is working, and I am “cleaning” (read: poking around on the internet and putting up a blog post. I couldn’t risk vacuuming and waking the baby, now could I?)

We dug out from another snow storm yesterday, although this time it was only around 10 inches which, compared to the gigundo storm that we got before Christmas, seems completely manageable. We took Asher outside for his first romp in the snow. And by romp, I mean sit. And by sit, really I mean prop, but he definitely seemed to enjoy himself.  Take a look:

And here’s the latest from the embarrassing photo vault:

(Drew really enjoys picking out outfits for Asher, and I really enjoy documenting the results.)

That’s all for today, the dust bunnies are calling, so I must get to it.  Lots of love from the nest!

Fun at the Festival

Another weekend coming to a close!  We had a great couple of days…a quiet Friday night and then yesterday we headed out to a local brewery, Devil’s Backbone,  in Nelson County for the first annual Brew Ridge Trail Music Festival.  Lots of local vendors showed up and we enjoyed a day of good music and great company.

all photos by Tom Daly

Picture 3

The captain of the UVA hula hoop club was hanging out: (I’m not joking)

Picture 2

We were also celebrating our friend Jedd’s (center) birthday:

Picture 6

Our friends Joe and Leigh Anne just welcomed their son Devin Gabriel into the world about 2 weeks ago.  Here he is enjoying his first music festival at a mere 11 days old…not a bad start!

Picture 5

And our buddy David, ever the ham, keeping us all entertained:

Picture 4

We were happy that we braved the rainy start for what proved to be a gorgeous, if not steamy, day.  Today has been spent accomplishing some much needed organization in the house and basement, with Drew taking a break for a kickball game.  Mostly everything is unpacked and ready for the baby, and so we’re wrapping up this Sunday evening with visions of sweeping mountain views, organized shelves and the sounds of local music floating through the air.

Jo Ellen’s Visit!

Drew’s mom, Jo Ellen, came to visit this past week and we had a ball!  Drew and Jo drove up to DC Thursday morning to do a power tour of the Nation’s Captial and came home full of stories and sites on Friday evening.  They really saw a lot of Washington and venture that they walked many many miles in their two days there.  They both loved seeing the museums, and particularly liked the monuments around the National Mall.  On Saturday we went to the local Farmer’s Market, did a little work in the back yard, checked out downtown Charlottesville and had a great meal with Mom and Skip Saturday night and then Sunday we headed up to the parkway and hiked to Humpback Rock for a fine view of the Blue Ridge mountains.  Drew got a smoker for Christmas and has since rounded out his grill master status with his excellent smoking abilities (insert wry statement here) and so he smoked a chicken and some local corn for supper, and we had a lazy night in.  Jo Ellen takes to the sky this evening and we’ve already got plans for her return in September when she’ll come to meet the newest little man Walton.  Of course these trips always feel too short, but we loved loved loved having Jo Ellen here, and it was particularly special that Drew and Jo got to share the trip to DC together as that was a favorite vacation of Jo Ellen’s history loving mother, Jean.  100_2299