Back again!


(A bright side to winter: getting to catch up with some of our family!  Here we are with Neal, Jo Ellen and Caroline)

I spoke with Daddy last night and he asked me why I had quit blogging, and I thought, “ah geeze, he’s right, I’ve gone black again” (or whatever that undercover saying is), so I thought I better get on it and get a post up before I completely loose my 4 dedicated readers!  🙂

We’ve been busy running around and I think that I am beginning to hit the inevitable hibernation sensation that comes with every winter.  These coldest days are the ones that make me think that perhaps bears aren’t so off base in their bedding down mentality.  I am so ready for the feeling of sunshine on my shoulders, or if nothing else, not having every muscle in my body clench up when I step out the door.  It’s been a record cold winter here in Virginia, with nearly no snow to frost our noses and long stretches of much needed, though dreary rain.  Do I sound like I’m complaining about winter?  I think I am!  I’m sure that the better minds of the world might chide me for my impatience with the seasons, but I can’t help but think that it’s only natural to look forward to what’s coming.  Ok, ok, and try to be grateful for what’s here…with the understanding that spring blossoms are somewhere out there!

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