Another week underway–with yet more travel ahead. We are making our way to Ft Lauderdale, FL on Thursday for Fred’s wedding, some sun and a little respite from the cold.  Though to be fair, it has been beautiful here the last couple of days.  Over the weekend it was in the upper sixties and so Grace and I hit the ground walking and took in the beautiful weather.  On Sunday Drew and I took Grace for another hike on a favorite local trail and got a taste of what the muddy season is like for folks in the Northeast.  Our boots were pretty well caked at the end of the hike, and the cuffs of our pants weren’t in much better shape, but we all had big smiles and…what’s that on my face?  Sweat?  Outside?  Pretty exciting.  Please feel free to remind me in August how excited I was to mop my brow in February.  There was, of course, immediate temptation to start poking around the house outside, and this morning I stood with my tea looking at our garden plot and planning, but I have to remember that there’s still a lot of February and blizzard loving March left.  While we were hiking, I did day dream out loud to Drew about the possibility that it might stay as it is now—60s in the day, 30s at night—until Spring and true warm weather kicks in, but I believe that I am just dreaming.  Something that I do rather well.  I will be back soon with the memory of sand between my toes and pictures of the ocean, and then our crazy travel season comes to a close for the year.  Happy Tuesday!

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