What a good doer!


Drew interviewed with the UVA hospital a couple of weeks ago, and was told prior to the interview that there was likely not going to be a position for him in the Cardiac Care Unit (where he’s currently doing his final rotation, and his first choice for a job) but he went into the interview with his head up and let his light shine and…voila! The hospital called yesterday and said that he has a job in the CCU as soon as he completes his board exams this Fall. This is excellent news for Drew, as it’s his first choice, but also an incredible learning environment, and a really important step if he would like to continue in school for a third degree. For us, it means committing to another 24 months in Charlottesville, but the job is wonderful and Drew is just thrilled, so we couldn’t be happier!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost three years since packing everything that we owned into a horse trailer and moving to Virginia as very young newly weds. Although we are still close to the experience and to our youth, it’s impressive to think about how much our lives have grown and changed in the last three years…to feel grown up and still feel so young is a delicate and delightful walk. Although a little cheesy at the time, and perhaps more so now, I cannot help but think that Drew and I were mostly right in assuming that all we need is love in our wedding vows–well, love, a little elbow grease, chicken noodle soup and some fresh air now and again, but of these, as the story goes, love is the strongest.

Congratulations to Drew for all of his hard work!

5 thoughts on “What a good doer!

  1. I’m pretty sad about that too…it was a big decision, but ultimately Drew felt pretty strongly that it was the right one, and I have to agree. Funny how we think that we have these plans…silly us.

  2. Yay! We couldn’t be happier for you both. It is nice to get affirmation that all of the wonderful things I think about my brother are not solely the result of my bias as a sister. Who knows where the road will lead nesxt . . . I’m happy you have one another for this exciting journey.

  3. Dear Drew and Amelia,
    First, WAy to go Drew!! So proud!! Second, Amelia, we haven’t met but I feel like I know you. I love reading your blogs that I discovered while reading Ashley’s.
    You are one talented young lady-when is the first book coming out????
    Drew only wish you would be here to start your career-your mom and I will need you-especially if she keeps me walking around the lakes-she’s killing me!

  4. Lindy, you are so sweet, I really feel like I’ve met you too! Hopefully we will make it happen as soon as possible, and I hope that you’re well!

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