Oh dear, my blog was broken.

Hi All! For those of you that might have noticed (consider yourselves to be members of a small and very elite club!) I haven’t been posting because typepad was giving me a little computer grief. After a serious conversation with the computer, I think that the glitch is resolved (we’ll see if this post makes it online!) and so, with those ever infamous words…I’m baaaaaaaaack!

Where to even begin? I will start shoveling pictures up here as soon as possible. In the last weeks, we’ve had Drew’s marathon (he placed 40 something in his age group, and ran just under an 8 minute mile the whole time–really awesome!) we’ve had many inches of rain, been to some horse races, saw the Cubs loose to the Nationals, and started gearing up for our coming trip to Louisiana for Drew’s 10th High School reunion.

Around the house we are watching the sun every day to choose our best spot for a garden–we are lucky to have a number of HUGE maple trees surrounding our house, which are ideal for cooling off after work, but a little tricky when it comes to growing our modest garden. Drew has a couple of weeks between sessions, so he’s pulling his tools out and taking some time to be able to stop thinking about patients and do some work on and around the house, which makes both of us happy!

My brother Drew and his wife and son are coming for a visit this weekend (yeah!!!) so I will finally be able to see baby Jack teetering around on his on two legs walking here and there. Drew and I take our Aunt and Uncle rolls very seriously (lots of laughing, running around and ridiculous faces and noises, it’s all very humbling) so I am truly just as excited to see baby Jack as I am to see the rest of the family.

So that’s the news in brief–let’s see if this makes it online, and as I said, I’ll have pictures up as soon as possible, thanks for bearing with me!

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