Lazy Monday

So Drew and I eased into the new weekend schedule–he was in early and out early, and I poked around with my various house and crafty projects during the day. We saw There Will be Blood with Daniel Day Lewis on Friday night which I thought was pretty excellent. As with most movies there are aspects that could have been a little more developed, and unlike a considerable number of movies, the score was used brilliantly. There are a lot of movies appropriately pointing fingers at our government, economy and us as consumers right now, but I liked that this one makes the old brain work a little harder to make the connections rather than having them spelled out. It’s good, I think, for all of us to see oil spilling out behind the whack of a pick axe and think of it as a tangible naturally occurring product and not just some mythic monster that we’re having a war over. That can be the next thought. Anyway, it comes with my endorsement, let us know what you’re think of it if you’ve seen it!

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