Dog Park…

It’s a surprisingly quiet Thursday here in the office–I’m making a bajillion phone calls (read: 101) and thought I would give my voice a rest and take a minute to toss a couple of pictures up from our walk this weekend. We happened to move right next to our favorite dog park and there are tons of trails in the surrounding woods that we leave many a footprint on. We used to have to drive over, but now we’re minutes away! All Grace has to hear is the jingle of her leash (we only have to use it on the road, once we’re in the woods, she’s a free range mutt) and she hits the front door. She hasn’t quite learned the art of pacing herself and has been known to lay down for a little rest here and there on the walk home, but it doesn’t seem to curb her enthusiasm. In the pictures below she’s just finished digging in a mole hole and the evidence is all over her face.
Oh! And in other news–Drew just got his schedule for the Cardiac Care Unit (his final 7 month rotation) and we got the somewhat unfortunate news that he will be working 7-7 Saturdays and Sundays for the next 7 months so if anyone feels like coming to hang out with me and Grace, don’t hold back! 😉

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