From the desk of Drew Walton

Hey everybody out there who might just happen to read this. I’m new to this whole technologically advanced communication style, it was only in the past few weeks that I’ve figured out texting on cell phones, so I think I’m moving along nicely with the times. Anyhoo, I’m back in school for the Fall semester, I say that, but I was in school all summer too, so I guess I’m still in school and enjoying it. I’ll start next week in my clinical rotation. It will be in the PACU, the post anesthesia care unit so that will be really cool. After this round of clinicals I will choose my top three areas to “specialize” in, I’ll get one of those three and I’ll get a more intensive schedule in that area. I’m not sure yet what I’ll choose, it’s weird because I only started nursing school one year ago, but already I’m having to think about getting out–Craziness.
Also, I’ll have you know that I started playing Fantasy Football this year, I’m already hooked and the season hasn’t even started yet. It’s addictive, you trade players, add players, drop players, I’m pretty much gonna win.
The Cubbies are struggling to stay in first, but that’s what being a true Cubs fan is about, crying late at night and praying to God that the Brewers and Cardinals all get some crazy disease.
Anyone who’s reading this probably already knows it but I’ll tell you anyway, the LSU TIGERS are looking pretty hot this year–tough game this SAT night in Tiger Stadium, I wish I could be there. But hopefully the TIGERS will roll up the Virginia Tech Hokies and then I’ll be able to talk some trash up here in VA. Then again, I don’t think I’ll talk trash seeing as it is there was a tragedy at VT this past year. Instead I’ll quietly laugh whenver I see a VT shirt or hat, that’ll work…GO TIGERS!

One thought on “From the desk of Drew Walton

  1. Drewbee! Welcome to 2007! I’m glad Amelia got this started for y’all. We’ll be cheering on your behalf in Death Valley Saturday night; send some positive tiger vibes our way.

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