Nice weather we’re having, huh?

Well, my first inclination is to write about this beautiful late summer weather that we’re having but that seems like a horrible cliche that I could easily fall into a regular habit with so I’m taking a different spin on it altogether. I have always loved the weather and watching its rhythms hoping that at some point I will have a farmer’s savvy in anticipating what will come. Usually we start off every morning with coffee and a hard look at what the day’s weather will hold (online–not very farmerish of me, I admit) but it’s my own personal pattern that I can’t escape. The time honored tradition of discussing the weather with strangers or in a conversational pinch is as laughable as it is essential, and there’s a certain amount of poetic justice to the way that the weather is universal and affects every individual regardless of individual differences. People can feel the weather and empathetically respond to one another in a common way that is, ironically, incredibly uncommon. Anyway, all of that is to say that giving updates on the weather might be my fallback cliche, but it is also my way of communing with each of you to give a fair idea of what’s happening in our little world. If you’re interested in further reading check out this site. (Or check it out anyway. How To sites are always the best.)

Drew thoroughly gorged himself on football this weekend which means that it must be that time of year again. He is already making plans with our VA Tech alum friends for the LSU/Tech game next week. They’re providing the tv, we’re bringing the boxing gloves…no, no that’s a joke. All’s fair in love, war, and extreme sports enthusiasm.

Drew is also working on a very cool research project with one of his professors examining cultural differences and strife between native nurses and immigrant nurses on a particular floor in the hospital. If their findings are statistically significant, his team will make sweeping recommendations to the hospital at large and hopefully have their findings published. He put together the entire survey that they are using and has been subsequently responsible for analyzing the data so this will be both good personal experience and a great resume builder.

And finally, on my side of things, here I am out celebrating our friend Kate’s birthday:
Fun was had by all!

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