Friday Finds

1. This asparagus tart with walnuts and parmesan caught my eye.  I think this would be delicious with an easy salad or some cool gazpacho. Speaking of, anyone have a great gazpacho recipe?

2. I’m re-reading Anne of Green Gables for the umpteenth time (summer reading comfort food) and day dreaming about our one-day trip to Prince Edward Island. I started poking around and came across a ton of information about bike tours of PEI and this one stood out.  PEI bike tour, consider yourself bucket listed.

3. This is a quick post about using baking soda to exfoliate your skin.  I’m all for inexpensive skin treatments…although I’m still not ready to start brushing my teeth with baking soda.

4. My agent won’t allow me to confirm or deny that we may be thinking about Walton 2.0 round about the time that the pumpkins start getting harvested, but just in case that happens, and just in case it’s a lil lady, I’ve been collecting sewing patterns, and I love the simple ease of this apron dress.

5. The picture pretty much says it all.  Class up 4th of July cookouts with a simple blueberry and watermelon salad.  (My watermelon problem is in full effect.  I may or may not have eaten half of one on Wednesday night).

6. This post for a great and simple tea recipe to beat the summer heat and a nice reminder that not all tea in the south has to be laden with sugar.  Full disclosure: the writer is my awesome aunt Vicki, check her out!

We’re spending the weekend with friends, Drew and his buddy are starting another batch of beer, tomorrow we’re hoping to tackle some organizational projects around the house and head to the sprinkler park to cool off.  It’s supposed to be in the 80s all weekend, there’s fun to be had.

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