One Month…

Taking a nap "in" the sling on the couch

Taking a nap "in" the sling on the couch on his one month birthday

One month?  Really?  Somehow it’s true, 4 Fridays have come and gone marking the four weeks since we met Asher.  He had his four week check up today and we found out that he’s now 10 lbs, 8 oz and 22.5 inches (75th percentile in both for those that are interested) and our doctor seems really pleased overall with his growth and development.  He’s regulated himself on a good sleep schedule, so we’re getting about 3 hours stretches between feedings every night which is great.  Drew and I are learning how to be parents as Asher is learning how to be a person, and while everyone was right when they told us that nothing has been the same since having a child, overall, things really are going extremely smoothly, and we’re happy in this new life.  We had an excellent visit with Jo Ellen last week, and she loved all over Asher, soothing him to sleep and singing to him as soon as he was in her arms.  It’s been challenging to not have ALL of our family living right here, we can’t wait for him to meet everyone, but it’s cool to see a little bit of each of you hanging around as we tell him about all of the wonderful people that are waiting to get to know him.  For my part, I’ve been getting out, walking most days, taking a bizarre interest in running errands with the little guy, and catching up with friends for lunch and walks.  We’re lucky to have a number of friends that have had babies recently, so there’s a good group of women on maternity leave that I can connect with.  Strangers are particularly enamored with his red hair and we hear a lot of, “he’s so tiny!” everywhere we go.  Do I sound like a proud new mama?  Well, I am.

bear cub.

bear cub.

Other than that, the leaves are beginning to change, the lawn mower is packed away for the winter, the air is practically dripping with the promise of apple pie and jack o’lanterns, and the crisp mornings are the perfect motivation to get outside and play.  As Ruth has said in the past, happy Fall, ya’ll!  That’s the update.  I am trying to make it to the computer more often, so I will hopefully get more regular updates flowing here soon!

2 thoughts on “One Month…

  1. Mom is smitten with that boy as I knew she would be and she brought back glowing stories of the wonderful parents Asher has been blessed with. I can’t wait to see it all firsthand! I love you all.

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