Little Bunny Fou Fou

Remember this:


That's the side of our house this past spring that we dug and planted recently to look like this:
Fully confident that soon it will look like this:
Until this guy came along:
Who, in my mind, looks like this:

I sprayed soap after I noticed that he was hitting up the liriope pretty heavily, and the dr. bronner's only seemed to increase his appetite because he mowed that down and as of this morning had attacked the iris sprouts.  So, no more Mr Nice Guy.  I'm getting some of that ugly lawn fencing to give him one more chance, and then after that it's the have-a-heart trap and foraging a new life in some distant wilderness. Grace chases him whenever we catch him in the yard, but he's fast and sneaky (which is remarkable considering how full he must feel) and seems immune to whatever terrible things Grace says to him as she runs at him barking.  How can I dislike a living, adorable bunny this much?  Because he's nibbling away at my gardening delusions one hop at a time.  Down with the rabbit!  Whew, just had to get that off my chest!

One thought on “Little Bunny Fou Fou

  1. Sorry for your little pest. I’m sure I could dig up a rabbit gumbo recipe if worse comes to worst. 🙂 Kidding of course (but let me know if you want one).

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