5 years!

Today marks our fifth wedding anniversary–at this time 5 years ago I was with some of my favorite ladies getting ready to say I Do to my very best friend.  Drew and I were talking last night about our favorite moments from our wedding, and I highlighted all the laughter that took place during the ceremony, while Drew mentioned walking up the gravel road holding hands after the ceremony, and the feeling of being surprised by our beautiful community quilt.  Then we just kind of re-lived the whole evening, remembering dancing, Drew managing to squeeze in the LSU Tigers in his toast, and the late night music as people sat around and sang into the wee hours.  It was a good wedding, it felt like us.  We were young, but sure of ourselves, and although I think a lot of people wondered about our choice to get married at that age, we are both still so confident that we married the right person.  He’s my guy.

Asa and Erin’s Wedding

a_eWe traveled to NC this past weekend for our friends Erin and Asa’s wedding.  It was a really beautiful wedding out at Deerfields which is about 30 minutes outside of Asheville, and it was of course really great to connect with old friends and celebrate!  We drove down Thursday evening, and Drew dropped me off at my aunt and uncle’s farm in Madison County where I was treated to a delicious meal and good company, and Drew drove on to meet all of the guys for the bachelor party.  On Friday we headed over to Deerfields for the rehearsal luncheon and then some set up for the big day on Saturday.  I helped with decorations and the boys did some of the heavy lifting.



The ceremony took place in a beautiful outdoor chapel on the mountain above Deerfields, and we had a good time adding to some of the natural beauty of the setting.  We had to get pretty creative draping the fabric on the structure, but after asking ourselves, what would MacGyver do? we located a tennis shoe, some fishing line and a staple gun (I kid you not) and the problem was solved.  After that we closed shop for the evening and got ready for the big event on Saturday!

chapelFollowing the ceremony on Saturday afternoon, we were treated to a delicious dinner, toasts, and a night of dancing with some of our favorite people.  When the ceremony was over, Drew and I both agreed that we love that our friends all have such beautiful weddings.  Each one is unique and every time we are struck by the couple’s creativity and the love of our college community.

e_a_arriveThe couple arriving at the reception to a wonderland of bubbles

e_a firstErin and Asa’s first dance

D_L_ATogether again!  Drew, and dear friends Adam and Lana catching up…

and dancing the night away

We were also happily able to squeeze in quick visits with my stepmother Ruth and a Father’s Day breakfast with my dad and sister before hitting the road and heading back to VA…it was a great wedding weekend indeed!