Up to Spring

So I haven’t been sitting down with the computer too much in the last couple of weeks because as the days get longer, our time always seems to get shorter and shorter.  We’ve been enjoying evenings in the cool Spring air, and Drew and I are delighted to be taking Asher outside.  Folks, it was a long, 66 inches of snow laden winter, and these Waltons are ready to get outside and play.  We took the camera with us the other night, here are a few shots of us reveling in the lingering, lovely light…

baby hostas, baby feet.

They may be a weed, but I look forward to the violets blooming in the yard every year.

Look who's sitting up!!

They're pretty curious about each other...

our version of Easter eggs this year.

Asher's diapers all stacked up always make me smile, the colors are so cheery!

We’re off to North Carolina this weekend for our annual Easter celebration with friends and family.  I was about a month older than Asher the first time that I went to the Easter Party, so I’m pretty excited to be bringing him home to a tradition that his children (should he so choose) will hopefully one day attend.  Am I getting ahead of myself?  Well, regardless…happy Easter!


Our local NPR station, WMRA, ran a little segment yesterday asking people to send in crocus sightings.  This gave me a literal shiver, thinking about how thrilled I am at just even seeing the smallest spec of blooming color on our otherwise snow and mud laden landscape.  The pictures above are borrowed from Creative Commons; I hunted around our yard this morning for some of those handsome little blooms and sadly came up empty handed.  The day lilies are starting to press their shoots up, and I have seem some delicate crocus stalks tentatively easing into this soggy winter weather, but no blooms…yet.  You know how you’re not supposed to go to the grocery hungry?  I think if I even glanced at a nursery right now we’d be paying the debt down for many winters to come.  Sweet lady Spring, where art thou?

I like the idea of hunting for flowers, I’ll make sure to post when the first blooms show up!

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