Mina’s Day.

We are most fortunate that Asher is in the family day care circuit and spends his days with either my Mom (2 days/week), his Dad (2 days/week) or me (1 day).  This is not only very gentle on our wallets, but it’s great because Asher gets to spend his time with people that are fairly certain that the sun rises and sets on his little red head.  My mom asks every week what her ‘homework’ is and together we’ve gotten Asher sleeping unswaddled, sitting up, eating 2 square meals during the day and more.  It’s so great to have her in our court, and extra special that Asher gets to spend this time with his “Mina”.  It’s a win-win in my book!  Another bright spot?  Mom updates me throughout the day with quick little photos or a flip video so that I can still be a part of their day while I’m at work.  In this way, she’s not only spoiling Asher rotten, but continuing to spoil me as well, and I just love her for it.  Here are Asher’s pictures from Mina’s today…he’s loving playing by himself these days!