Our sweet city garden is giving us lettuce (collards and berries are next!)

The lettuce, the dirt, the grass…it all smells really good right now.

We are spending our evenings in the back yard (or the parent version of evening…Asher is an early to bed type) feeding the neighbor’s pig and poking at our lettuce and dreaming big about what we want to grow this summer and some day.  “Some day” is a big topic of conversation amongst novice gardeners.  Or at least these two novice gardeners.


One of last year’s tomatillo husks still floating around:

(I want to grow these again just to have the husks blow around our yard, they’re such gorgeous little lanterns.)

And our broccoli starting to peek out:

Once inside we toss together our favorite spring dinner, Shrimp on salad:

(those eggs up there are from the recent visit to my aunt and uncle’s farm in NC)

We typically marinate the shrimp briefly in a little olive oil with lime juice and some salt and pepper.  (Never overlook the value of just tossing your shrimp etc in a bag with whatever non-creamy salad dressing you have on hand though, so easy, and very good!) Then we toss the shrimp in the hot pan for a few minutes, cut up whatever veggeis we have on hand and top the whole mess with some shredded hard cheese (I think this is Asiago?) and a little cracked pepper and some dressing.  BA (that’s Before Asher) I used to make our vinaigrette most nights, but these days we’re quick to reach for the bottle.  The salad dressing bottle that is, lest you think that making a salad drives me to drinking.

I love love love this time of year, love seeing everything emerging and growing, love seeing what everyone is eating and planting, love walking barefoot to the back yard and nightly ritual of standing with the hose while The Young Sir toddles around.  I love shyly hiding my hands because there’s a little dirt under my nails and talking with my mom about what we’re planting where, and dreaming about the Saturday morning market run.  It’s good to get growing.

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Things to be happy about

Well, in looking through my camera, I realized that there’s been a lot going on that I haven’t shared pictures of, and so this fine Memorial Day is giving me a chance to catch up and I’m going to do a little show and tell this afternoon of some of the things that we’ve had going on…

In addition to the big ultrasound last Thursday, it was our wedding anniversary and so we celebrated with a hike and a delicious (seriously delicious) dinner at our favorite Charlottesville restaurant, C&O.  The night concluded with a walk around downtown and some homemade gelato, and we were happy campers.  Here we are before heading out for the evening:



Next up…How does your garden grow?  Well, our modest gardening endeavors are in full effect, and ushering in as much novel joy as ever!  That big fat rabbit from last year seems to have moved on and Mabel has become and indoor/outdoor cat again and is keeping a keen eye on anything that moves in the great outdoors.  She’s older and quite a bit fatter than she was the last time that she was allowed outside, so she spends the majority of her time sleeping on the front stoop, but she did bring us a small ‘offering’ in the way of a mole not too long ago, so I’m sure that she would want me to tell you all that she’s still got it.  If cat hunting isn’t your thing, forget everything I just said and take a look at the surprise that I woke up to yesterday morning:


These lilies never bloomed last year, so I couldn’t remember if they we’re star gazers or Asiatic, but as it turns out, they are the latter and just lovely.  We also have returning snap dragons, which was a big surprise, as these little bejeweled annuals should have kicked the bucket with the winter, but you can see them to the right in this photo:


We’ve broadened our garden horizons very nominally this year with a second bed because we realized that we wanted the majority of our limited space to be dedicated to tomatoes, so our larger bed from last year is the tomato garden, or at the moment, space ship garden with all of the cages, and the smaller bed has our lettuce, cauliflower, peppers, dill, onions and basil kind of packed in.  Ms Stewart would not approve, but it was the best that we could do.



What else?  Ahh yes, the perfunctory Dad-putting-the-crib-together pictures.  I woke up from a nap to this scene the other day (I know, tough life.) and Drew said that he didn’t swear or bang anything once, so we have a beautiful crib courtesy of my grandfather waiting for bedding and a baby!




And finally, Mabel used to spend a great deal of time laying on the guest bed and looking out the window.  We pulled a fast one and switched rooms as the baby’s room is now the previous guest room, but Mabel was not to be deterred from her favorite window.  She has simply modified her resting position.  Have a look:



So I think that’s it for now, it’s a quiet day around here, but I’m thinking of my brother Fred and all of the other Veterans in this country and sending love to you all.