An Unlikely Pair

Drew and I love our pets and want to make sure that their lives continue to be good even with the baby in the house.  We both make a point to give our dog Grace extra love when we walk through the door these days, as her little dog ego has definitely noticed that things have changed.  Grace is just not that into having a baby, but she handles it well, moving out of his way and steering clear of his curious hands.  On the other hand, our cat Mabel (also known as Fat Agnes around the house) has surprised us with her growing interest in Asher.  Not only does she not seem to mind him pulling and pushing her around, but she seeks him out, nuzzling up close and rolling over to have her belly “rubbed” by his indelicate fingers.  She loves to lick his fingers and toes, and it seems that the harder he pulls, the closer she gets.  At first I was very skeptical of this growing love, but now I pretty much stay out of the way unless Asher is just getting ruthless.  I took a video last night, and I know that it’s a little long, but I thought that you might like to see these two in action.  I’ve never seen a cat so into a baby, and I admit that it makes me love Mabel just a little more.