Cranky Monkey

We hit the road this past weekend and headed up to Quantico Marine Base so that Drew and his friends Jedd and Charles could ride in a mountain bike race called 12 Hours of Cranky Monkey. The guys each rode 20 miles in this 12 hour relay race and are already making plans for next year, so overall it went really well!

Jedd and his wife Megan have a son, Austin, who is seven months old, so Megan and I had an adventure of our own traveling with the little ones and keeping them comfortable in the heat. Austin and Asher really get a kick out of each other, they like to hold hands and try to jab fingers into each others eyes (in the way that only good friends can, of course), or just babble together and roll around until their faces get mashed together. We can’t get enough of this baby love, and I really really enjoyed having the chance to just hang out with Megan over the course of the weekend. Time with friends is precious these days, and we feel very lucky that we’ve got such good people to not only hang out with, but go on little adventures with as we learn about life with a little one.