Carnival Tree

Spontaneous Car Conversation June 19:

Asher: Mama, is it Spring or Summer right now?

Me: Well, actually, this week, it will be Summer. There’s a day called the Summer Solstice that is the longest day of the year. That means that the moon won’t come up for a really long time that day, it will stay light until after bed time, and it’s the start of summer.

A: No! It won’t be summer until we decorate a Carnival Tree!

M: A what?

A: A Carnival Tree! We have to decorate a beautiful tree and then it can be summer.

M: Is this something that you guys are doing at school?

A: No! It is something that I know about. We have to decorate a Carnival Tree for summer or else summer can’t happen.

M: Ohhhhhkaaaay. Let’s choose a tree outside to decorate on the Solstice, will that work? We can decorate a part of it and maybe hang some treats for the birds?

A: NO! We have to decorate a WHOLE TREE or else IT WON”T BE BEAUTIFUL ENOUGH. <<getting upset>>

M: Of course we have to decorate the whole tree! We will find the perfect tree to decorate outside. The perfect [previously unheard of, totally fabricated by your amazing little brain, unknown] Carnival Tree. And we will decorate it for summer. Obviously.

And so, I give you our very first annual Carnival Tree:

Aren’t you relieved that it can be summer now?


**I highly recommend the $1 section at Michael’s for all of you Carnival Tree needs. The $1 section, and a ball of brightly colored yarn from a basket of random stuff that you’ve miraculously held on to since college for just this moment. Clearly.**

6 thoughts on “Carnival Tree

  1. I love that you indulged his request– my sister and I always built fairy houses in our backyard in late spring. It was our own summer preparation that I still look back on fondly.

    Love the blog, by the way!

    • Jay, me too–I’m one of those people that swears each season is her very favorite when it first starts (though Spring might be the true clincher because GAH! I cannot deal with one more day of cold weather by that time) and so of course right now summer is my favorite and I’m so happy that it’s here!

  2. LOVE the Carnival Tree. Love the new tradition. Asher has to be vibing on his Louisiana roots because I can’t hear the word Carnival without thinking about Mardi Gras. Of course the Carnival season starts with the Epiphany (Jan. 6) and Mardi Gras is just Fat Tuesday.

    Very adorable!

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