Philosophy 101

Here’s a glimpse of the young Professor Walton’s Life Questions Course that I am currently enrolled in:

1. Why are you driving down this road?

2. Who made me?

3. Why is my toot stinky?

4. If the earth stopped spinning would I fly off and bump my head on the moon?

5. What does a Luna Moth (ant, stink bug, bee…any insect that we see) eat?

6. When am I going to die?

8. Are the tomatoes bigger yet? Are they bigger now? How about now? Are the tomatoes bigger now?

9. Can I sleep in the car tonight?

11. When are you going to die?

12. What does the word ‘gap’ mean? (I answered that it was a space.) What is a space? (I tell him to press his fingers together and then separate them to demonstrate the space between them.) But Mama, what is the space? What’s between my fingers now?

13. Does a caterpillar dream when it’s in its cocoon?

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