Asher is spouting off all kinds of Asher-isms right now and if I don’t start writing them down, it’s all going to be lost in the same foggy part of my brain the records where I park my car and what day of the week it is and all that.

Here are a couple of our favorite recent ones that don’t involve too much talk about bodies or potties, both of which are hot topics when you’re two and don’t know what it means to cringe just yet:

  • Instead of saying sunscreen, Asher asks for his sunscream.
  • After our dog Grace passed away, Asher was curious about where she was, and we explained that she had died and didn’t live in her body anymore. Drew then said that Grace now lived in Heaven. These days, if you ask Asher where Grace is, he responds gravely, She’s with Kevin. 
  • When something tastes sour or spicy, Asher will take a bite and then squeeze his eyes shut while shaking his head and declare that it’s too tasty! It’s too tasty! This is especially funny if this happen with a lemon because he says w’s for l’s right now so it sounds like, Dose womens are too tasty!
  • If his stomach isn’t feeling well, Asher says, my belly too tight! He also tells us this when he’s on the potty. If you know Drew, you know that he thinks this is very funny.
  • Even though he knows how to say these words correctly, he still asks for nulkie (milk) every day and eats uotneal for breakfast, because that’s what he calls them.
  • Words that sound similar to one another just get doubled up. For instance instead of taking our backpack to the Downtown mall, we take our PackPack to the TownTown Mall.
  • If he feels that we’re not including him in the conversation well enough, he will say, why you talkin bout dat? Talk to Asher! Let’s talk about Asher! which is a trait that I’m just certain he gets from Drew. What?
  • Asher already has fixated on pretty girls and makes no secret about it. The other night our babysitter was over and Drew was changing Asher into his jambos for bed. Asher peeked out at her and then looked at Drew and said with wide eyes, I want her to change me!! Drew was laughing so hard he could hardly get the little man dressed.
  • Whenever we’re getting ready to go anywhere new right now, he’ll look at us very seriously and ask in a concerned tone, They gonna have toys there? as if he’s steeling himself for the possibility that all of his suspicions are about to be confirmed and we are indeed going to go somewhere. very. boring.
  • You can ask him to do the most menial task, and he’ll respond with extreme affirmative enthusiasm. This morning I said, Hey buds, let’s go to your room and get your shoes and he responded, OK!! LET’S DOOOOOOOO IIIIIIIIT! as if there was and ice cream man waiting in his room for us. If only I could get him to stand around and encourage me with folding laundry…his cheery spirit is an impressive motivator.

There are many, many more, but these have been some of our favorites lately. Asher, like all of the children we know, is so much his own little soul. He just moves through the world with a certainty that is inspiring and hysterical, humbling and charming. It’s fun to want to race home to be with him at the end of the day just to hear what he has to say about things, his take on the world is refreshing and funny, and definitely makes up for all of the tantrum-y twos that we’re navigating right now. Love our boy.

6 thoughts on “Isms

  1. I cannot tell you how happy I am that you are recording some of these precious conversations. As a family history recorder, I can assure you with a fair amount of certainty that they will be treasures to him one day. It also allows some of us distant relatives the opportunity to get a glimpse into his life. What a precious gift he is.

  2. I love it! I can almost hear his gravely little voice.
    And my girls enjoy those “doctor specs” too. Caroline wore them to the park the other day; she said she wanted everyone to think she wore glasses. I can’t be positive, but I’m not sure she fooled anyone.

  3. This made my day! How wonderful to have such enthusiasm at the most mundane tasks. I hope he always keeps that!

    And that picture of him at the end is just too much. What a great capture!

  4. You realize that you and Drew will still be using these phrases when Asher is grown . . . . oh, dem tasty wimmens!

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