Whoa! Did you see that?

I think Christmas 2011 just flew by.

The problem with getting out of the habit of blogging is that I have no idea where to begin when I sit down to get back to it. The upside? A whole lotta life took place in the absence of those clicking keys.

So now I’m digesting in both the literal and metaphorical sense. My mental status update this morning? Amelia Walton is ultra motivated by all of the amazing food and drink from the holidays and from the very sobering moment that she just had on the scale. Ah well, life is short, and gah the food really was worth it. We’ve had family, family, family, cocktails, abundance, richness, tears brought on by laughing to the point of no return, the look of a little boy that wakes up to toys and mystery, a lot of nibbles from razor sharp puppy teeth–more to come on that–and a general sense that life is glorious and merry.

Asher checking out the firehouse that mysteriously arrived over night

One side note? For whatever reason, I felt compelled about 8 different times to try to explain what magic is to Asher this year. Go ahead, think about it–take a moment to tell a two-year-old what the heck you mean by that, it’s tricky business. And then in the typical way that children teach just as much as all of us parents try to, I saw Asher’s face on Christmas morning and realized that like so many things, magic is a lot like Fight Club. The first rule of magic is, you don’t talk about magic. The second rule is…well, you get where I’m headed with this. Magic is not really meant to be explained, it’s meant to be experienced. He got that, and in turn, we got it. That little face on Christmas morning perfectly summed up what all the hubbub is about and why I will always go a little bonkers trying to make it all happen.

Having a Christmas Carol Sing Off--Drew is teaching Asher all of his sweet moves

Okay, okay, and in true American Christmas Consumer Fashion, I will tell you that Drew gave me a ukelele and I am beside myself with excitement. True story.

Happy Holidays!

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