My Mama

Mom and I took a quick overnight trip last weekend near DC to take advantage of the tax free shopping weekend and get some time together.  I think of this as our semi-annual pilgrimage to Ikea–why spend more when you can spend less, you know?

We had a great time and didn’t shut up for the entire 24 hours (well, yes, we did take a break to sleep) and mom gave me the inspiration I needed to get back on track with our living room re-do which I’ve lost a little steam on ever since I dyed the couch pink.  The couch is on its way to being something that at least qualifies to be called red and all I can say about the rest of the room is that I’ve been a spray painting fool ever since we got back.  Scared?  Don’t be, I think everything’s turning out just fine.  I think.

We didn’t take many pictures while we were gone except for these two.  Supposedly Mom wanted to take these for Asher, but I’m pretty sure that she just wanted to sit in that little train.  And don’t even get me started about the tiny helicopter that she wanted me to get into…while I appreciate her optimistic enthusiasm for what I can and cannot fit into, the laws of physics exist so that one does not find herself exposing her unmentionables to a mall full of strangers in the name of texting her toddler* ridiculous pictures.  I think Einstein published an entire volume on that.  Happily, the little red car suited me just fine.

We had a great time, I love hanging out with my mom, especially when hanging with her includes getting to sleep in a little and sip some red wine in a hotel bed.  Life’s little luxuries, you know?

Love you Momina!

*This most likely does not need to be said, but Asher doesn’t actually receive texts as he doesn’t have a cell phone (and won’t until he’s old enough to convince me that he’s old enough) and because he’s presently unable to “read” or understand “numbers” or “texting”. Just in case you thought you might need to be calling the reality check police on me.

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