Friday Finds

1. This sweet DIY is for an easy Memory game made with wood chips. I want to make this for Asher with family and friend’s pictures (and no offense to ya’ll but he more than likely wants me to make it with pictures of trucks and airplanes) so we’ll see…

2. This cool new Tumblr site called Dear Photograph has old pictures being held up against their current location with sweet succinct captions. Worth a look!

3. This is a recipe for homemade bug spray/yard perfume. I’m going to give it a shot!

4. This is a DIY tutorial for a no-sew jersey wrap.  If you know me you know I love a good wrap, and will be making this immediately.

5. Yum. Recipe for a cilantro lime dressing.  Not for my Uncle John, but for those of us that love cilantro, this looks delicious.

6. Technically that’s a picture of Anais Nin, but it’s really to this quote by Anais Nin after being named Woman of the Year by the LA Times in 1976.  It rocked my week and I recommend it as food for thought to all women.

I didn’t dye the couch last weekend because they didn’t have the dye locally that I wanted, but I ordered it and it should be arriving today so I am planning on tackling that project tonight!  How’s that for a sexy Friday night?  I did however make the soap that I linked to last week which was a fun and quick project.  A word to the wise though: with a pre-made olive oil and glycerine base, my formerly green herbs that are suspended in the soap have turned brown over the course of the week which maybe wouldn’t happen if I kept the soap in something air-tight or just started using it right away?  Either way it makes for a less attractive bar of soap, although I am pleased with the mint/grapefruit combination, and now I’m getting curious about making my own base.

Other than that, we’re looking forward to celebrating Drew’s second Father’s day on Sunday (as well as our own fathers!) and we each have a ladies night/mens night planned for Saturday which will be a nice break from the ordinary…a girl can’t spend every weekend night doing fun things like dyeing couches, after all!

It’s been deliciously cool after a viciously warm spell (see what I just did there?) so we’ve been sleeping with windows open and the quiet hum of the fan.  Unfortunately I think that Summer is coming knocking again this weekend, but Asher has discovered that he likes to play in the hose so we’ll cool off with some splashing and giggling.  And speaking of Asher, he has declared his undying affection for airplanes ever since our trip to the beach and now starts every morning yelling “airpee! airpee! airpee!” from his crib the very second that he wakes up.  That kid loves himself some airplanes.  As I have only woken up on my own about 8 times in the last 2 years, I have no earthly idea what I might yell from bed first thing in the morning, but I admit that I am charmed by Asher starting out his day by calling for that which he loves best; imagine what our days might be like if we all started the day with such zeal.

Happy Friday!

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