Friday Finds


Here’s a list of some things that I’ve been thinking about this week from around the web…

1. Ruffles and Stuff posted this tutorial for re-purposing an old shift dress into something that one might actually wear.  I see these dresses in thrift stores all the time, but mainly I liked the reminder to take a second look at things that I might be giving away to see if I can re-purpose a second life into them.

2. Speaking of sewing, Embroidery Rocksea has great easy-to-follow embroidery tutorials (with pictures!) that are inspiring.  I have pillow cases that I have been planning on embroidering and this site got me excited about picking that project back up.

3. This recipe is for Strawberry Cream Cake kebobs with a strawberry glaze. Yes. Please. (Although to be honest I’m kind of a cream girl when it comes to cake and strawberries…I could easily omit the glaze for a bowl of cold cream to dip my kebob in.  Just a thought.)

4. This DIY herbed soap tutorial is very easy to follow and is on my must-make list.  The soap pictured is made with basil, rosemary, mint, orange, and lemon, although I really want to make it with rose geranium.  My stepmother Ruth always had rose geranium in her garden and it is one of absolute all time favorite summer smells.

5. I am hoping to finish this book, My Name is Mary Sutter, this weekend.  Set during the Civil War, the book follows midwife Mary Sutter in her quest to become the first female surgeon.  There are too many things that I like about this book to list, but briefly I will say that it seems to be exceptionally well researched and the story is captivating.  I highly recommend it.  Penned by Robin Oliveria.

6. This frozen chocolate dipped banana bites recipe just might save me from my usual summer-induced ice cream cravings.  Maybe.  I’m actually not much of a banana fan these days (pregnancy fall out?) but these look intriguing enough to give it a shot.

We have plans to beat the heat by the water this weekend and I’m looking forward to hanging with my parents tonight while Drew is at work.  I’m also tentatively thinking about tackling the couch dyeing project, but that all hinges on how courageous I’m feeling.  Have a great weekend!


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