Hippity Hoppity

I think that my feet are just touching down from our trip to NC.  It was soul food.  I’m not really sure what else to say beyond that…my brother Drew was there with my nephew Jack and as a big family we stayed up late and played hard and cooked (parts of) a pig, and smelled like wood smoke from lingering by the fire, and ate charred hot dogs and marshmallows, and watched Asher blindly follow his cousin Jack around with unabashed adulation, and we got to see my sister and step mother and father, and we saw early morning fog and old friends and got hugs and laughed hard and ate my aunt’s amazing cooking that was rounded out with homemade bread and freshly collected eggs and fresh (really, really fresh) milk, cheese and butter.  We rolled in the grass and returned to something essential.  We went home.

I hope that each of you has that place where you pull up or walk up or sit down and the deepest parts of yourself say, this is where I want to be.  This is where I am.  For me, that’s Madison County, NC, and specifically two plots of land that aren’t far from one another.  Seeing Asher walking around so confidently there is…it’s just soul food, there’s not another word for it.

I only did nominally better than last year with taking pictures, but I did remember to catch a few.

I wish that all of you could have one of these:

That is a Claui.  She is one of the better human beings on the planet, and certainly one of my favorites and, along with my cousin Justin, can do a lot of things, but one of them is milk the cow Marigold and then use Marigold’s goods to make these:

mmmm hmmm…homemade (in the absolute truest sense of the word) strawberry shortcake.  I know that I’m supposed to be talking about Asher’s 2nd Easter, but I just had to get that out of my system.  Whipped cream directly from the source on homemade biscuits?  I kind of flipped out.

Ok, so back to Asher’s 2nd Easter…

He didn’t really get it.

He picked up eggs and put them in his basket (not before declaring them balls and throwing the first one in the air and having it land on his head, which made him laugh) but as far as Asher knows, this is what Easter is all about:

His cousin Jack has a battery powered Gator that he cruised all over the farm on.  Asher wasn’t totally sure that he wanted to ride on it, but he was 100% sure that he didn’t NOT want to be on it, and so he climbed into the passenger seat, grabbed on to that OS bar with a death grip and rode around with the sweetest look on his little face.  A boy was born out of a baby this weekend.

Everything else about the weekend was sublime, so rather than going on and on and on, I’ll just share a couple of more shots and keep grinning ear to ear.  Soul. Food.

With my stepmom:

Asher gets to fuel up before the big hunt with his very first taste of fried chicken because, as Drew is always quick to remind me, that’s what Dad’s are for:

And here’s a glimpse of the party (those of you that were at our wedding might recognize this scene!):

So that’s it!

Happy Easter!

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