Savannah So Far.

It’s official, we’re smitten.  I have a ton of pictures, so I think I’ll let them do most of the heavy lifting, but suffice to say, this is a wonderful little town.  I have been here a number of times throughout my life, but it would seem that all those times were about getting to the beach or finding stores or (I shudder) St Patrick’s day, and so this is the first time that I have been here with my head turned up with my eyes on the trees and the architecture and the boat masts and the gorgeous filtered light.  The city, despite it’s rich (in all senses of the word) heritage is unapologetically untouched.  The cobbled streets are hard to walk on, the building exteriors are a mash of brick and concrete and shedding layers of time, and the pervasive attitude is a sort of work with what has always worked mentality.  It’s so shabby that it’s elegant.  We love the rough edges, the contrast of colors and smell that being on the water provides and the feeling that anything goes so long as your exercising a bit of grace in your efforts.

Yesterday we walked around town:

And then gathered a crowd and drove out to Tybee Island to track down a bike ride on the beach and some seafood.

These two have been besties since elementary school:

And then it was on to a little dive on the marsh called Top Sail for some Korean influenced seafood.

Our new friend, Bruno the Mastiff:

(he brought us a milkbone to share, he’s a thoughtful man.)

Today we’re seeking out raw oysters, a disco nap, and then a gorgeous wedding.  Looks like another good one ahead of us.  So far?  So far so good.

2 thoughts on “Savannah So Far.

  1. Aww. What great pics Amelia. You captured the best of everything, didn’t you…the architecture, live oaks, the beach, fresh seafood, and the smell of the salt marsh…mmmmm. And love that you are wearing a hat!

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