keep calm and carry on.

Hi patient friends!  So…we’ve had a month in these parts.  A peace-out-ciao-seeyawouldn’twanttobeya month.  It’s done, it behind us, and I am looking forward to April showers and big spring flowers.  In the midst of the madness, I wrote this post but decided not to publish it on the main page because I was so emotional as I was punching it out and…I don’t know…I want this space to tell our truth, but some times enough is enough.  I will conclude the dreary part of today’s post with this awesome little quote though, because it says in a few sentences what I’ve been mumbling about for a few weeks.

I don’t know how delicious the ambiguity always feels, but I do know ambiguity to be a very real truth of living, so I’m rolling with it.  Also, I personally think that Gilda Radner is high on the list of clever, hilarious women, that’s all.

Now down to the nitty gritty.  Ya’ll.  We cut the mullet

Of course I don’t have a good picture of the new doo because my video camera and still camera batteries are dead (it really has been that kind of month), but I have to say, I like it quite a bit.  Our yoda hair days are coming to a close and Asher looks like such a little boy now.  He’s amazing.  I’m biased.  It’s all ok.

I posted this to facebook, so my apologies for blathering about there and here, but on Monday Asher just started walking around the house.  It’s just like everyone says, he just kind of did it.  He’s going to be 18 months tomorrow, and I am totally getting a chuckle out of how hell bent I’ve been on him walking by this birthday, so of course it happened this week.  I would not go so far as to say he’s a walker, but he’s certainly walking unassisted and outside of the context of Drew and I kind of pushing him back and forth .  WHEW.

I would say that I attribute this development to the human drive to eventually walk upright and to the toy parking garage that Jo Ellen (Drew’s awesome mom, hi Jo!)  bought for Asher while she was visiting.  At a height that is lower than the table but higher than all of Asher’s baby toys (we call it his first “big boy toy” because we are dorks) he was standing there playing with it without being able to brace his belly against something like he normally would and the walking just happened. Thank you PlaySkool for your plastic genius, and of course, thank you Jo Ellen for knowing that Asher has graduated from teething rattles.  Drew and I missed that memo, and so this week we’ve loaded up on sidewalk chalk, big thick crayons, and a play kitchen from Craigslist because we’ve got a little boy on our hands.

I will wrap this up with this final thought: I remember my step dad talking to me when I was younger about how the pendulum of life swings from one side to another, and that we look for our balance lingering somewhere in the middle of that gentle swing.  While I would like to live in the land of unicorn tears and strawberry scented rainbows all the time, I really do appreciate the necessity of life giving us a chance to appreciate both sides of the coin as we glide back and forth between our highs and lows.  And the fact that my lows mostly exist in the cerebral realm is a luxury that I’m not sure I’ll ever fully appreciate.  I just wanted to throw it out there that I’m thankful for every day, every chance, every opportunity to be here, and that I want to honor both ends of the spectrum by cherishing that peace that lives in the middle.  Thanks, team.

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