Tandom Ruesday

Well team, I’m still shaking off the crazy flu-monster and I’ve thought of a lot of little bits to share but nothing that really amounts to much of a blog post which brings us to the Random Tuesday Link Up at The Un Mom which further provides me with an excuse to over share a couple of things…

  • I’ve been debating telling you this for a little while because it’s gross and I worry about being gross, but ya’ll this is my life and while I doubt that I will EVER forget this little piece of Walton history, let’s go ahead and get it in writing so that it’s sufficiently saved.  (Good grief, what is she rambling about?) Well, in no uncertain terms, here it is: Asher is a bath time tub pooper.  Like, 3-4 times a week.  And mainly on the nights that Drew is at the hospital and I’m doing the nighttime routine solo.  I’ll spare you the majority of the finer points, but suffice to say that my running dialogue with him in the tub every night could probably be recorded and aired as some kind of one woman comedy of errors.  I’m sorry that I’ve just shared that with you, but having children=talking about bodily functions A LOT.  I would also like any suggestions that you might have about how to curb this decidedly un-bathlike pastime.  It turns out that treating yourself to a glass of wine to calm your nerves after the rogue pooper is in bed doesn’t prevent it from happening again the next night no matter how many times I’ve tried that tactic, and Drew’s suggestion of a cork for The Young Sir is most likely illegal in our fine state, so I need some other input.  Fire away.
  • In considerably cleaner and more cheery news, I’m daydreaming about having some kind of spring tea party that will involve hats and girly dingly danglies, but not until the peonies have started blooming. What an unbelievably optimistic flower. (photo from here)
  • On that note, my awesome mom gave me some Star Gazer Lilly bulbs because we’re getting the spring craze around here, which perfectly segues into me telling you that a special friend came by with a bouquet of those blooms (and pink tulips!) as a little get well mood booster on Saturday and it made my weekend.  Those fragrant flowers and the kindness behind them were just the encouragement I needed to leave that flu bug behind me for good.
  • I’m thinking about repainting our Accidentally Aqua living room (Hey Drew! Surprise!) because it needs a little freshening and I can’t decide if I want to stick with the current color or go towards its intended robin’s egg blue or do something totally different.  I hate painting but love painted walls.
  • I have finally learned to double the amount of water called for when cooking Quinoa.  It changes the texture dramatically for the better and produces a totally new beast.  So much better, I highly recommend you doing the same.
  • My wonderful Mother In Law, Jo Ellen, will be coming for a visit on Thursday for the weekend.  Yay!  I want a name for her that doesn’t involve the Law though.  Mother from another brother?  May not hit the note I’m looking for…well, until I come up with something better, I will settle by saying that I seriously lucked out in the MIL department, and we can’t wait to hang with our JoJo.
  • We tasted Drew’s beer this past weekend, and it’s almost ready…it needs to sit for another two weeks to let the sugars produce some more carbonation, but the flavor is excellent.  This has been a dream of Drew’s for a while, so I’m excited that he’s excited and it’s always fun to learn something new.
  • A flock of hundreds (seriously) of robins has been rooting around in the field outside of my office window every day and I am so curious about them and their large group, and also find their presence very heartening.  Come on Spring!  Thank goodness it’s March.  Also I double checked and indeed Robins travel in flocks, unlike those murderous crows.
  • My interior designer friend Natalie has launched a cool new blog, Bella Hem, as a landing spot for all of the things that her impeccable eye spots.  Definitely check it out, and bonus points if you become a subscriber!

So that’s a sufficient amount of random-ness for a Tuesday.  I will put together something a little more coherent later in the week, and in the meantime kisses and tidy bath time wishes!


One thought on “Tandom Ruesday

  1. Love this! Might do it next Tuesday (:
    I love LOVE your walls. I remember seeing a photo in your blog a loooong time ago (Asher was a tiny baby) and thinking I wanted that color in my walls (still do, but like you, I just want it to appear one morning).

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