People of Charlottesville Project

I have been having a little lovefest with our fair city of late.  There are so many working minds and hearts here, so many people looking to not only make a difference, but to explore and expand, to ameliorate (couldn’t resist, sorry), to make creative experiences common, and common experiences creative.  2011 seems to have brought even more of these folks into my life, and all I can say is I am feeling motivated to keep making discoveries of my own to take a modest stab at keeping pace with everyone.

One of these projects is something that my new photographer friend has cooked up and dubbed The People of Charlottesville Project to capture the faces and stories of the members of our community, and she graciously shared her talent and lens with me last week.  Sarah is a phenomenal photographer, able to seamlessly blend the emotional and the playful, and to capture not only the moment, but the core essence of the moment.  If you’re in town, I highly recommend checking her out, this is a lens and eye that you won’t regret standing in front of.  AND…this month she’s running a Love The One Your With special and offering $100 off portrait sessions!  I encourage you to think outside of the ol love box here and consider a photo shoot with your pets, your favorite local spot, your best friend, your big sister…if you can dream it, she can capture it, so just give it some thought, and then check out Sarah’s blog here and give her a shout.

So without further ado, but with a little blush, here a couple of pictures from our session.  Thank you Sarah!

***Really quick aside: Sarah didn’t pose me at any point during this session, I grabbed the stool and got all lean-y on it. Maybe I see a professional photographer and instantly revert back to the school picture days with my Blossom hat and fist under the chin pose, but as I was just looking at this, I thought I better clarify that you’re looking at 100% Walton moves there.***

3 thoughts on “People of Charlottesville Project

  1. Look at you lookin’ all skinny-minnie!!! Love the photos. Can’t wait to be back in cville and falling back in love with that wonderful little town again myself…

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