little charms.

Some things…

First we will begin with my most recent favorite picture of Asher:
I love this picture for that little rib cage and for the effort being exerted.  One of the most beautiful things about living with an infoddler (my infant/toddler hybrid) is remembering to try really hard all day long.  Asher spends all of his time looking for something to explore and then trying his very very hardest to milk that exploration for everything that it’s worth.  I need some infoddler curiosity in my heart and mind combined with the conviction of a 16-month-old.  Life at his age is kind of the opposite of most Jedis: there is no do, only try.  I think that’s awesome.  In fact, I’m declaring this the time of trying more.  Trying harder.  Thanks Asher.

We killed our television this weekend.  Kind of.  We can still stream Netflix into the ol living room, but there are no more regularly scheduled programs being delivered to our home.  We came to this conclusion not out of righteousness, but more from the perspective of dieting.  Drew and I both want to do more, read more, write more, talk to each other more, you know…TRY more, and the tv was taking away from that.  It became clear that we weren’t going to just restrict ourselves, so it got the ax, kind of in the vein of throwing out all that fudge and those cookies on January 1st.  If it’s around, we’ll consume it.  So now it’s not around which means there’s one less reason to say that we don’t have enough time.  Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Speaking of electronics that I’ve recently killed, I accidentally drowned my phone in the toilet.  The only thing that made it kind of ok was Asher saying “uh ohhhhhhhh” right after it happened in a you’ve-really-done-it-now voice that was pretty much on the money.  Hilarious and sad all at once.  If I had written about this when it happened a week ago, I would have been writing about how unhelpful Verizon was, how Drew and I were thinking of upgrading and they didn’t seem to want our business, how ridiculous the whole thing was…but as it turns out, it’s a week later and I’m not writing about any of that.  Verizon, my apologies.  You, or more specifically a man named Rob that works for you, went so far above and beyond the call of customer service duty this weekend, that I feel I have to tell everyone that you are a lot cooler than I previously thought.  The amount that they hooked us up is a little reeeediculous, so fair weather friend that I am, I am now back on with Verizon, we’re totally going to have like, 10,000 of each others babies.  Here’s what I learned from this whole experience: Do not keep your phone in your back pocket, always call customer service rather than going into the store, and do what Drew does…be nice to people.  They are much more likely to be nice back.










Final thought?  I came across this quote this weekend and loved it:

“I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it” -Harry Emerson Fosdick

I am all about some mystery these days.

3 thoughts on “little charms.

  1. Great Asher pics! And re TV — what I always say to folks who have trouble finding time to write is “Do you watch TV?” There’s generally 2 to 4 hours tied up right there…

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