strange brew.

Drew and his buddy Jedd are brewing beer.  Watch out!  They each have a batch bubbling away in a closet near you, and now I’m told that it’s a waiting game.  Personally I think drinking games are a lot more fun, but we’ll get to that.  What do you think we should call it?  Drew likes Monkey Pig Amber Ale in honor of Asher (I don’t know how or why Drew started calling Asher his little Monkey Pig except to say that it was obvious that Asher was both a monkey and a piglet when he was born, and Drew isn’t one for making the hard choices in life so he went for both.) so that takes care of the name for this batch, but what about his brewery name?  Because didn’t you know?  We’re apparently starting a brewery.  In Drew’s closet.  Please by all means share any and all names that you think we should consider, and if you’re nearby and we choose your name, there’s a beer with your name on it (ha!) in your immediate(ish) future.  Beer’s not your thing?  Then I’ll make you a cake!  Ok?

3 thoughts on “strange brew.

  1. What came to mind immediately for me was Drew’s high school soccer nickname. Or was it college? Or maybe elementary school? In any event, I think Ichabod’s Monkey Pig Amber Ale has a nice ring to it. Not that I want to drink any, mind you. But pass the cake, please!

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