This is what we do

Here’s how the weekend looked at in the Walton household:

Bananas were eaten. (With enthusiasm)

Books were Read.

A bike was riden.

A couch-night date night was had.

Apple sauce was made.

So were a couple (100) messes.Some splashing happened.

Kisses were given.

And another weekend passed by with the quiet bliss of being home.

6 thoughts on “This is what we do

  1. loved it!
    p.s. your snow flakes on the wall are way cool. i did some and true to form, they came out slightly (okay, totally) wierd. and then i found out about folding the paper correctly and next thing you know, i am sitting next to you sipping a glass of wine and you’re talking about origami (of the scientific type) and well, this post about your post has brought me full circle. (see p.s. written above)

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