Asher was a little under the weather over our weekend getaway which meant lots of extra snuggling and a few more tears and a few extra naps.  I hate seeing my little guy feeling crummy, but there is something deep down that tells me that I am really a card carrying member of this wild parenting club when his little body is laying so wholly on me with such gut wrenching trust and conviction.  Every cell in my body says, you can have it kid, take it all, whatever I have to give it’s yours, I’m here I’m here I’m here, and I will do whatever it takes to fix it.

Love, I believe it’s called, but like every other parent out there will tell you, it’s love like I’ve never known before.

3 thoughts on “Comfort

  1. Oh I echo your thoughts my old friend. It’s a love that stuns you with it’s intensity and makes your heart swell tillyou can’t breathe. I hope Ash is on the mend.

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