baby’s best friend.

Grace (our dog) has struggled with Asher.  She likes him and all, but really?  if someone were to tell Grace that she could keep the baby or have a lifetime supply of treats, and not even the good ones but the cardboardy generic ones, I’m pretty sure that we all know what she would choose.  Grace is a dog that appreciates order and solitude and lots of sleep.  Were she to find herself suddenly human, I’m fairly certain that she would be immediately diagnosed with OCD, be unable to leave the house for fear of “out there” and would be a chain smoking wreck most days of the week who subsisted entirely on bacon and asparagus.  She is a dog with a cat’s disposition, content to interact with the world on her terms and leave it at that.

Asher?  Not so much.

I keep telling Grace that it will get better (lie) and that one day Asher will start feeding her and that he will be much more generous than her stodgy old parents.  She has had her doubts, but at long last…

Asher’s made an honest woman out of me.

**No baby hands were consumed in the creating of this post**

3 thoughts on “baby’s best friend.

  1. THIS IS SOOOOO SWEET! I am STILL telling the story of Asher and your cat! Now I have ANOTHER adorable baby story to share! (I totally co-opt my friend’s babies for storytelling purposes…best I can do until I get a kiddo of my own!!)

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