party in the back.

It goes without saying that while Asher is undoubtedly his own little unique soul, he’s also going to spend his life navigating the genetic hand that Drew and I have dealt him.  One of the things that it would appear that I have offered to our little ginger-domed kiddo is a total lack of any significant growth of hair in his early life.  The family joke is that Mom used to scotch tape bows to my head well into my second year to convey some kind of gender information to the outside world.  (I was combating a lot of 70s hand-me-downs as a young child, and from the pictures it appears that I REALLY needed those bows to let people know that I was indeed a girl.) Anyway, I bring all of this up because although Asher has very little hair on his head, he does have some, and most of it is in the back.  The way back.  Like, the mullet back.  So while this 80s twist on our kiddo’s Yoda-esque doo is pretty adorable, there are moments when the wind picks up and I look at his little red mullet blowing in the wind and wonder if maybe it’s time for an intervention of the snipping kind.  Drew says that this is a no-brainer, we are not cutting his hair, but then Drew also thinks that Asher looks his best in some kind of plaid/stripe/polkadot combination of contrasting colors, so I’m not sure that his opinion is to be trusted.

The kicker came when I looked up mullets to find out what classification of mullet Asher actually has on this very informational website, and came across this:

Asher’s mullet is called the “Parental Negligence Child Abuse” Mullet?  Can this stand?  And speaking of standing, can I stand to bring scissors (probably nail cutting scissors, but scissors nonetheless) to his little coif? What do you think?  To cut or not to cut?  Should we start dressing him in vintage shirts, tight-fitting jeans,  and some thick rimmed glasses and declare him a hipster?  Fuggettaboutit and leave well enough alone?  When exactly are we supposed to cut baby’s first hair?  Ahhhh the dilemmas of parenting in modern times!

Ok, ok, ok, so I’m obviously being a little tongue and cheek here, but I’m kind of serious about wondering if I’m going to really regret cutting Asher’s hair.  These are the moments that I wish that his future self would sweep in in a DeLorean from the future and say, “Mom! Chill! The only thing that makes us red heads cooler is a red head with a mullet!  Thanks for not cutting my hair!” and then disappear back to his future of wild success and world peace making. What?  Seems reasonable enough that in the future they’ve perfected the DeLorean, doesn’t it?

12 thoughts on “party in the back.

  1. This is the best thing that could have happened to my coffee break. Leave that lil mullet! It rocks! Then again, I suppose my opinion could be considered “hipster”…Also for the record, I did not have any hair to speak of until I was about 4. And remember I am a GIRL named MORGAN. I CAN still remember the well meaning old biddies in the grocery store asking, “AWWWW he is so cute, what is HIS name.” At least Asher isn’t gonna have to fight that battle.

    • Morgan, I cannot imagine you with anything short of a MANE! Your hair may have come late, but honey it sure did make a fabulous entrance when it arrived! At some point I’ll post the pictures of all of my orange and brown and blue and red wardrobe from those early years…Asher and I are almost indistinguishable. 🙂

  2. I laughed my way through this post Amelia. I cut Charlotte’s ragamuffin scraggly hair this weekend, so I feel your pain. I know she’s a girl and I could let it go longer, but it was past time to cut off the straw-like locks (it was just about an inch off the ends).
    While I have no idea what you “should” do, I can tell you what I would do if I had a boy and this was his hair — and my disclaimer is that I don’t judge you either way: I would probably trim it.
    Not hack it all off, but just give him a little trim. If he had long, thick locks I would probably say the opposite – but maybe if you trim it, it will grow in a little thicker and he’ll be able to rock that hipster look?
    I love Asher no matter the hairstyle!

    • Aww, I was thinking about your girls and their hair connection with their cousin Asher…we’re just not a family a early hair bloomers! I think that you may be right, just the most modest of a little trim to take the edge off, so to speak. (And we love you too no matter anything) 🙂

  3. Amelia,
    Talk about have me laughing!! My eyes are bad, but I had a hard time finding the mullet until I saw “Asher” in his suit in the water…where were ya’ll anyway? I have two sons, one of which you are totally in love with and for th life of me I can’t remember their first haircut!!!

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