Who’s training who?

Also titled, We’re Using Our Words.

Asher has a couple of words that he throws around these days.  By our best estimate he has said (though that does not mean that he will say…) Daddy/Papa, Mama, Dog/Doggie, Cat/Kitty (which, sorry to break the general PG-ness of this blog, but it sounds an awful lot like Dolly Parton’s greatest asset(s) when he says kitty), Diaper, Ball, Bye Bye, Bed, More, and…I think that’s it.  Oh, and he did say Banana a couple of times, but we’ve yet to get a repeat performance on that one.  I give these words the capital letters that they deserve because he says them so emphatically and generally with such zeal that you just know that he’s probably not going to be speaking in lower case letters for many years to come. We are predictably ga-ga over this stage, and we’re making an effort to always use the real words and not his version of them, despite how crazy cute his language is.  For instance, he says “Ca!!” whenever he sees cheese, and so of course Drew and I both feel compelled to start calling cheese “Ca!!” whenever pulling it out of the drawer, but we are resisting the urge as best as possible in an effort to combat all of the other strange things that Asher will likely learn from us over the years.  All this Asher-speak has definitely kick started some good behavior on our part because we’re becoming increasingly aware of how much we’re being watched/listened to at every turn.  So for those that are interested, here’s a little video with some Asher speak…please forgive me if the next time I see you I ask you if you can say Dog a thousand times, and then squeal and clap in your face when you deliver before asking if you want any Ca…

4 thoughts on “Who’s training who?

  1. These are great! Of course, John and I have still retained remnants of Justin-speak… cherts (carrots) and drubs (gloves) while Justin has moved on to proper pronunciation.

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