Reading List!

Of late, most of my reading has revolved around pages that have some kind of touch and feel aspect to them, and instead of reading quietly to myself, I can be heard doing an incredibly convincing impression of a baby duck or most impressively, a horse.  Yeeeeeeaaaah.  So, I am really excited to announce that my aunt Vicki’s newest book, The Day of Small Things, is hot off the presses and in the delighted hands of readers everywhere!  And while you’re welcome to read this out loud making all kinds of funny noises, I’m looking forward to the depths of my cozy covers, a good reading lamp, and the promise of another one of her remarkable stories.  That is, if I can steal it away from Asher…he tells me that I’m am really in for a good read.

What: The Day of Small Things by Vicki Lane
Buy your copy here (or better yet, at your local book seller!)
Follow Vicki’s fantastic daily blog here
Learn about Vicki’s other books here

2 thoughts on “Reading List!

  1. Funny Vicki! Love this pic of Asher reading in such pretty light.

    Got my book(s) the other day. I had to get a few for daughter and sisters! Now I just need an autograph from the author.

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