This Just In

This little video just came in from my Mom…

Please note that we don’t force Asher to exclusively play with rocks and potatoes.  Asher’s Depression Era mentality about playtime is something that he has brought into the world with him, even if it comes at the cost of all of his perfectly good toys silently pouting in the corner while he plays with a potato! or the trash! or a rock! and of course, he’s the boss, so we let him have at it.

7 thoughts on “This Just In

  1. Sooooo typical of most toddlers. For some, pots and pans do the trick. And the parents are enjoying every moment, I’m sure!

    • oh i just love it. as usual. apparently my favorite toy at that age was a coffee can with a penny in it. also, laura dean’s little boy loves chip bags!

  2. Oh my goodness. “Busy” is an understatement! I notice he is already hauling potatoes in his green truck. Mina must be exhausted at the end of the day…while Asher gets naps and resumes action at full speed ahead. Loving all that curiousity.

  3. I think toys are overrated. Kids no the difference between them and real stuff. They are usually bright and plastic and these days they all seem to talk! I bet he’d like some pots and pans and spoons to bang on.

    • Colleen, I have to agree with you! Asher likes pots and pans pretty well, but really nothing compares to the tupperware cabinet and the potato basket. 🙂 The beauty of children is witnessing the world as a playground…they are always able to find ‘play’ wherever they may find themselves. I love that!

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