My brother Drew came for a visit this past week with our nephew Jack.  I soaked this up for three reasons: 1. I love my big brother. 2. I love my nephew. and 3. I can’t get enough of (bigger) little boys these days as I daydream about Asher growing up.  Jack is so in tune with what’s around him, full of three-year-old zeal, young enough to still want to snuggle, but old enough to inform me that big boys don’t give kisses.  He calls me “Asher’s mommy” and we talked about woodpeckers and triangles, watched him share his trucks with “Baby Asher” and laughed as he squealed with devilish delight as he told us his knock knock jokes.  I have mentioned on here before about being nervous about raising a little boy, but after a weekend of nothing but little boy energy, all I could think about was how incredibly excited I am to witness and be a part of Asher’s blossoming world.  While Jack is a whirlwind of what’s-next-energy, the wind that’s blowing off of his little storm is invigorating and inviting, his curiosity is contagious, and his questioning eyes are grounding.  We just love this kid.

3 thoughts on “Boys.

  1. Hi Amelia,
    Thanks for introducing yourself on my blog and letting me know about yours. I love to meet Josh’s friends and am always heartwarmed by a show of love by mothers for their babies. I hope we get to meet sometime. I love the name Asher and my blueberry pie (or should I say Josh’s birthday cake pie) doesn’t have sugar either.

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