Catching Up!

The days are getting away from me…it must be Summer!! Well, I’ve got a bit of a laundry list, so here we go…
1. Father’s Day.

Watching Drew as a father is nothing short of beautiful.  He is attentive, active, gracious, proud, and above all, loving.  He loves his little boy, but more than just that, he loves being a father.  I asked him on Sunday what his favorite thing about being a parent is, and Drew answered that he loves the pride that he feels whenever Asher does something new.  I appreciated his simple and specific answer, and love even more that I have seen his eyes well up with that joy and pride on many occasions over the last nine months.   Drew brings so much to the world in all aspects of his life, but certainly his new found roll as a father is an area where his light shines even brighter than usual.  He is a joy to witness, and I am so grateful to be on this wild adventure with him!

2. New Things…
Asher is MOBILE.  He is scooting everywhere, in to everything, (especially if it involves dog food, poses any kind of health threat, or is out of his reach), and just generally exploring his world.  We had a lot of firsts this weekend…he ate yogurt and peaches for the first time, he pulled up to standing for the first time, stayed at daycare at the gym for the first time (fail.), and he waved and said “bye bye” for the first time.  He splashed in the dog bowl with his Grandpa Skip, attempted to climb out of the bathtub, has a new nap schedule, and is seriously keeping these happy parents on their toes.  I remember thinking that there was some magic that happened at three months, and then again at six months, and it would seem that nine months is not going to disappoint.  Every minute is an opportunity for this kid.  Here we go!! Here’s a video of his one-legged scoot:

3: Coming up…
Drew will be in a 12 hour mountain bike race this coming weekend in Northern Virginia with two of his friends. They have to keep a rider on the course for the duration of the race and try to ride as many laps as they can during the 12 hours. We will be there cheering him on and offering cold drinks and snacks between rides, so keep him in your thoughts as you move around on Saturday. That’s kind of the last big thing that we having going on until the middle of July. We’ve just concluded a very happy seven week stretch of having company or being out of town every weekend, so we’re looking forward to a few quiet (ha!) Saturdays before winding up again. Other than that, we’re just loving this hot summer and can’t wait to see what each day will hold for us and The Young Sir.

9 thoughts on “Catching Up!

  1. Wow Amelia and fam! So nice to hear about what you are up to. I always loved reading your writing Amelia. Your little sir is quite amazing and that one legged scoot is a way of communting that I have never seen before!!! Sending love.

  2. So we are cracking up watching this. Love the (fail) at gym daycare…what happened? And what a busy, busy boy. He is already full speed ahead just scooting; crawling should prove adventurous.

    • Well, we’re working on it, but he’s not loving being left with strangers, so I’ve been able to work out for about 15 minutes before they come get me because he’s inconsolable. Yesterday went better, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’re on our way!

  3. This post made me want to do some catching up myself, so I’ve been reading your blog for the past hour. All the Asher moments, the account of the birth, the yellow paint parking lot meltdown… oh it’s just all so lovely! You and Drew and Asher are a beautiful family and you represent it so well here. Kudos, and love!

  4. sounds like a great papa, and of course asher is just a gorgeous little guy! he has the biggest smile ever – love it! ;D cheers!

  5. Your two boys are adorable, Amelia. They really are. I love seeing Ku interact with Bresho as well… they have such an amazing little relationship and seeing them play just melts my heart. Yay for all of Asher’s little milestones 🙂 a bit late, though!

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