Yesterday I had lunch with some friends that have a gorgeous son that is 2 months younger than Asher.  Near the end of lunch, we were closing in on both boys nap times, and they expertly put their son in the baby carrier and after babbling for a few minutes he conked out.  I looked at Asher sitting in the high chair playing with a straw, the menu, the assortment of diaper bag toys and anything else within reach and knew that it was time to head home to the crib so that he could hit the hay.  Asher is a great sleeper, we just close the curtains, turn on the fan, and lay him down with a minute of back rubbing before leaving the room.  He will sometimes fuss for a minute, but then it’s lights out, no problem.  That is awesome.  Here’s the catch: it seems that he has to be in a crib.  In the dark.  With the fan.  On the one hand, I’m so stoked that we’ve got a good sleeper that goes right down for naps and bed time, but on the other…well I’m a little nervous that Summer is here and we won’t always have a bed on hand, and I’m feeling pretty jealous of our friends that know their kids will at least get something like a nap if they can’t make it home right away for that much needed sleep.  We have a few camping trips planned this summer (it’s ok if you think we’re nuts, I promise to report back) and an airplane trip this Thursday, and all I can say is that I hope Asher eventually gets sleepy enough that he’ll close his eyes for a minute or two.  What’s funny is that I can’t fault him for this at all, because I am so much the same way.  I sleep at sanctioned sleep times, and otherwise, I don’t want to miss any of the fun.  Like his mama, Asher wants to be awake when it’s time to be awake, and a little eye rubbing isn’t going to get in the way of that.  He wakes up this way too, as if sleep just suddenly turns off, and in 2 seconds flat he’s kicking his legs and smiling at the ceiling, happy to have returned from the land of dreams to the land of the living.  He wakes up ready to go.

The picture above is one of the very few times that he’s fallen asleep in the car (holding his little toy, too cute) and I’m hoping that in the coming weeks, we get a couple more pictures like this…a peaceful sleeping child that is willing to miss 45 minutes of this wild world to zoom around in the mysterious confines of his resting mind.

5 thoughts on “Sleeping.

  1. Gosh, sleep stuff can be so frustrating with a baby. I remember talking to other people and it always seemed like the other babies had no sleep issues and my boy did. He never did anything easy. He would only go to sleep in a car. So for about a year, I drove around to put him down for a nap AND bed at night. It’s serious business when you’ve got a 25 pound 1 and a half year old and you’ve got to get the sleeping baby indoors from the car through freezing rain. Really gets the frustration going! Hope summer sleeping works out for you guys.

  2. Oh, my goodness!! At least it doesn’t have to be the fan and the dark and the crib all in a moving car 😉

    Looking forward to seeing the boy (and you and Fay) next month!

  3. I can definitely relate. My baby (just turned one) is a great sleeper too – as long as he’s in something resembling a crib. I envy those parents who can tote around their sleeping babes in the baby carrier as though it’s a giant purse, but I also know how lucky I am to have a baby who sleeps. It’s always something, isn’t it? 🙂

    Good luck with your travels! Hopefully Asher will pleasantly surprise you!

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