5 years!

Today marks our fifth wedding anniversary–at this time 5 years ago I was with some of my favorite ladies getting ready to say I Do to my very best friend.  Drew and I were talking last night about our favorite moments from our wedding, and I highlighted all the laughter that took place during the ceremony, while Drew mentioned walking up the gravel road holding hands after the ceremony, and the feeling of being surprised by our beautiful community quilt.  Then we just kind of re-lived the whole evening, remembering dancing, Drew managing to squeeze in the LSU Tigers in his toast, and the late night music as people sat around and sang into the wee hours.  It was a good wedding, it felt like us.  We were young, but sure of ourselves, and although I think a lot of people wondered about our choice to get married at that age, we are both still so confident that we married the right person.  He’s my guy.

5 thoughts on “5 years!

  1. Happy anniversary! It was such a beautiful wedding. My favorite part was when that guy tried to jump the fence and didn’t quite make it. All of us ladies walking down the road went from teary emotion to hilarious laughter in a second. It was an honor to be included in your ceremony, and I know you two will celebrate decades more joyous anniversaries.

  2. Happy anniversary, Amelia and Drew! I think you make a wonderful couple and parents. You are sure to have a great family. I miss all three of you more than you know!!

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