Sailor take warning!  I was looking through my pictures, and came across a picture of the sunrise that I took at my aunt and uncle’s farm over Easter.  Did I remember to take a picture of Asher on his first Easter?  Nope.  But I did get this one picture of the sun easing its way into a Sunday sky on Easter morning (the only picture I took all weekend, actually.  Mother of the year, I tell ya.) and I just came across it and thought that I would share.  Of late, the young sir is racing against the sun to be the first one up in the morning, and although we have an east facing window in our bedroom, we certainly don’t see a view like this at the start of the day.  Maybe if we did, I would be a little less anxious in the morning about Asher’s early rising time.  Maybe…

3 thoughts on “Sunrise

  1. That old adage didn’t hold true for this Easter did it? It had to be one of the most beautiful Easters ever, with perfect scrumptious weather.

    And Mom didn’t need to take any pictures, did she? Between grandmothers, aunts, brothers, sisters, and friends…I have a feeling that Asher’s first Easter was well documented.

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