10 things to be happy about…

Leslie over at Five to Nine posted 10 things that she’s happy about today and asked a couple of fellow bloggers to do the same.  I try to keep a gratitude journal where I jot down a couple of things that I am thankful for every day, but I have been slacking a little of late, so this is a great kick in the knee to get started again.  Ok, so  here goes:

1. I am wearing a spring dress that I got with my mom recently which makes me thankful for three things: fun with my mom, this amazing warm weather, and bright spring patterns.

2. My mother-in-law, Jo Ellen, is on a plane to come visit today.  Her visit makes me happy, but more importantly, it makes me happy that I have a MIL that I love and whose visits I look forward to.  I won’t name any names, but I have a couple of friends who cannot say as much, and it’s just such a drag for them to have to navigate that tricky relationship.

3. Drew and Asher are at home together today.  I have a husband that volunteered for childcare on the days that he’s not at the hospital which is just so cool.  It makes me happy that I just talked to them and Drew said that he and Asher were doing the dishes and then they were going for a walk.  Dad and son.

4. This is a little long winded, but I listened to NPR this morning on my way to work and as I was listening to reports on Nigeria and Palestine (not in the same report, for those keeping tabs), I looked around at our beautiful Spring weather and I won’t lie…I felt happy to be safe in this country.  America has quite a lot of room for improvement, but at least our food wasn’t smuggled to us across a border through a tunnel that could be bombed at any moment.

5. I am enrolled in a writing class on Monday nights and absolutely everything about this makes me deeply happy.

6. I transplanted peonies last summer and after being sure that they weren’t going to make it, they are thriving this year!  I go out every evening and check on their progress.  I can’t wait for those heavy blooms to emerge…

7. Honestly, I’m happy that Leslie asked me to do this.  My aunt Vicki keeps a blog, and while in North Carolina this past weekend, she and I both commented on how cool it is that blogging has brought so many people from around the world into our lives.

8. We are sleeping with the windows wide open which makes me think that I’m getting a better night’s sleep.  I did not grow up in an air conditioned house, so we knew it was really Spring once the windows were pushed open and the sounds of the night floated through our dreams.

9. Chocolate.  Chocolate always always always makes me happy.  The darker and more fragrant, the better.

10. This picture says it all:

7 thoughts on “10 things to be happy about…

  1. Like the attitude of gratitude Amelia, especially the part about the open windows, and the non-smuggled food we are eating without having to move through tunnels that might be bombed. I am loving the Chipolte Chile Dark Chocolate Candy bar too, plus the fact that it rained on my garden, even though the survival of some of the leeks is questionable. X

  2. Rain, we had a lovely rain, settling the pollen and lessening the danger of brush fires — not to mention sending the pastures into fits of green ecstasy.

  3. All ten (vicariously) make me happy, too. Spring dresses, open windows, boy time, PEONIES, enjoying getting to know writers from all over. And on and on. I’m late catching up but so glad you played along!

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